The Dream Home - is a Develop Africa project in collaboration with Door of Hope.  The idea for the orphanage or Home was initiated by the Door of Hope community, in an effort to take care of Ebola orphans in the community. 

The name Dream Home - comes from a vision to provide an environment where the orphans can Dream Again.  It is a place where old dreams will be rekindlednew dreams will be birthed, where children will be taught that anything is possible, that "the sky is the limit", that they can do and be anything etc.  Imagine growing up in such an environment. Imagine being a part of this.  

  • We fervently believe that children are our future.  
  • We believe that we can shape the future of our cities, nations and the world by how we raise our children.  
  • We believe that children have amazing potential - that is just waiting to be developed.  
  • We believe that given the right environment and opportunities children can grow up to be amazing.  
  • We dare to believe that in this home, we can raise people who will change nations and the world.  

One of orphans outside the Dream Home

Mission: To provide a supportive and safe temporary housing solution for the support and development of Ebola orphans

Vision: To develop the next generation of responsible and resilient youth

To make these beliefs a reality, we would like to connect with exceptional people who are equally convinced that everything is possible.  People who believe that "limits exist only in the mind".  People who are willing to act more than they talk.  Are you one of them?  If you are - then read more about how you can join the Dream Home Team

Background / How The Dream Home Started

Location: The Home is located in Wellington, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Number of Orphans: 22 orphans.

Develop Africa: www.DevelopAfrica.org

See Dream Home Brochure (PDF)

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