The need for an orphanage originated from community members in Wellington, Freetown, Sierra Leone - as the community was impacted directly by Ebola. Children in the community were orphaned by Ebola when their parents passed sway.  The community stepped in and in partnership with Develop Africa and GlobalGiving, assumed responsibility for the care of the orphaned children. The children received counseling and psychosocial support to help them through the crisis and re-integrate back into society. At that point, the community decided that a more structured response was needed - an established  home was needed to adequately provide care for these orphans.  Community members have been involved in every stage from planning to construction to management. Develop Africa has been working closely with the Door of Hope community for several years now.


  • September - October 2014: Ebola gets personal - Ruth (volunteer nurse passed away from Ebola).  Husband also passes away.  Daughter admitted to Ebola Unit and survives
  • November 2014: Available property identified for Home.
  • December 2014: Renovation of building commenced.
  • January 2015: Develop Africa received a grant from GlobalGiving.  A portion of the funds received went towards the first year rent and renovation of the facilities etc 
  • March 2015: Purchased linen / bedding / dug water well
  • April 2015: Purchased basic furniture - chairs and beds.  Construction of outside kitchen
  • May 2015: First batch of kids take residence. 

3 girls