Dream Home Kids Attend Summer YFC Camp

On the 17th of August 2017 fourteen Dream Home Children left the Mellon Street residence to head to Kono for the 5 day Youth for Christ Camp

They made a lot of friends. This was evident by the series of phone calls received and made by the kids in the days following the camp.

With the many challenges confronting young people, active discussions took place where the youths discussed the different angles on each topic. The youths were well equipped on how to handle these challenges.

They were taught how to make presentations. The youths were taught on how to make hand bands, key holders and bags with beads.  During the Africana night they showcased their talent in dancing, singing, storytelling, proverbs in their different Ethnic groups.  Every day they were engaged in exercise and fitness activities. The schedule also included game time in the afternoon

They were also taught how to dance traditional dance. They were taught how to go on a date on social night.

It was really great for the kids to be at the camp. Many of them were emotionally tearful at the end.

Special thanks to every donor that hep make this character-building experience possible. It was a great and never to be forgotten event that the children cherished.


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Saturday, September 9, 2017