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Mabinty & Aisha Love Their New Glasses

Thanks to your support we successfully raised $350. Aisha and Mabinty now have reading glasses. 

Both girls are so grateful to the donors that covered the cost of their eye exams and glasses.  They say that they enjoy going to school more - thanks to their new glasses; now they can see the blackboard clearly without squinting or straining their eyes.  

Aisha just finished class 7 and hopes to be a Doctor when she grows up.  Mabinty just completed JSS1 (Junior Secondary School) and is working toward becoming an Accountant when she grows up.   

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Hens Are Growing Very Well

Thanks in part to your help, the hens at the poultry are doing very well.  

With your support, we purchased 300 day-old chicks and needed items to maintain the poultry.  This included drinkers and feeders, chicken feed and wood shavings for the floor. Your support also helped to cover the costs of vaccinations/medications (to help keep the chicks healthy).

The eggs will help provide on-going income towards the running costs of the orphanage. The fresh eggs will be a steady supply of high-quality protein for the orphans.

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The kids Are Doing Well in School & See Comment From Visit of GlobalGiving Representative

We greatly appreciate your ongoing support of the Ebola orphans living in the Dream Home. 

Raising children involves a range of daily needs and the outgrowing of clothes and shoes. Thanks to your generous support, we are able to continue to do that.

The Dream Home children are all working hard in school and are doing well. The kids enjoyed celebrating birthdays for Kadiatu B, Alhaji, Daniel and Regina in January and February. 

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Nutritious Meals Make A Difference

Most of us think about what we need from the grocery store and what we are making for dinner at night, but we do not have to worry about being able to eat today. 

Thanks to your generous support, now the Dream Home children do not have to worry about whether they get to eat today either. Your donations have covered nutritious meals for the Dream Home children this spring.

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We Together Treated A Wide-Range of Illnesses

Thank you for your support that is helping us meet the ongoing medical needs of 22 growing children. 

Over the past 2 months, your donated funds have helped cover the costs of medication and treatment for a range of illnesses including fever, rash, general body pain, malaria, headaches and infection. The kids deeply appreciate your kind assistance that helped bring quick relief and medical attention. Our part-time nurse continues to provide excellent, skilled care for the kids.

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Dream Home Kids Celebrate Birthdays and Holidays!

We send warm greetings to you from the Dream Home children - who are doing well.  They are growing and studying hard in school. Each month brings a new adventure, challenge and milestone for them

In November, Susan, Felicia and Aminata's birthdays were celebrated with a special birthday dinner and party at the Dream Home.  Your support helps to provide a birthday party each month.  With 22 kids, there is never a dull moment.

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The Dream Home Gets a Paint Refresh

Freetown, where the Dream Home is located, receives a lot of rainfall - with high humidity. The discolored and faded outside walls of the Dream Home were in need of a fresh coat of paint. You can see this in one of the group photos in this report.

Since the last report, this project has raised $50.  These funds were used towards repainting the entire Dream Home at a total cost of around $375 - using a weathershield oil paint. 

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Closer to Getting the Bus

Through your support, we have moved one step closer to purchasing a bus for the Dream Home. At this point, we have not raised adequate funds to get a bus, but every bit helps us get closer to the goal.

We plan to continue working to raise the necessary funds to assist in the purchase of a 25-30 seat bus for the Dream Home. So if you have any suggestions on what we could do - please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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You Helped Provide the Dream Home with a New Fuel-Efficient Stove

Your generous support helped provided the Dream Home with a new fuel-efficient, Wonder stove.  

The new stove is 40% more fuel efficient than the traditional, previous stove. Consequently, the stove is already helping to save money, as it uses less coal. The new stove also reduces air pollution, providing a much safer and cleaner cooking environment.

We greatly appreciate your helping us provide the new stove for the Dream Home and look forward to your continued support toward the Dream Home needs. 

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