Recent news

Visit to the Dream Home By Sylvester & Dream Home Children Start a New School Year

September marked the start of a new school year for the Dream Home children and thanks to your ongoing support, the children had new uniforms and school supplies.   

At the end of July, Sylvester made a surprise, 2 week project visit to Sierra Leone.  The Dream Home was one of the top reasons for his trip. He reports on his trip as follows:

"The kids were very appreciative fo the support that you have provided towards their on-going needs.  They asked me to convey their deep appreciation and gratitude to YOU. Included in this report is the photo that we took together.

The Magical Simplicity of New Clothes

Great News: Through your support we have purchased new clothes for the Dream Home children.  

Every 2-4 months, we need to buy new clothing for the growing kids.  Thankfully, YOU have helped make this round of purchases possible.  We are so very grateful for your support!

The kids were excited to have new clothes. They were all smiles wearing their new clothing. 

In August, some of the kids went to a week-long summer camp. In the included group photo, taken at camp, you can see some of them - all smiles - with their new clothes. What a joy!

Poultry Room Preparation

Develop Africa is in the process over the next couple of months to set up a poultry farm to benefit the Dream Home. The facilities had been previously used as a small poultry farm. The landlord decided to go out of business and relocated with his family. You can see from the photos that the room is in excellent condition. With funds you provided we have been able to advance preparations towards launch. We have purchased the needed tools and cleaning supplies such as bleach, a shovel, rake, brooms and brushes etc.

Uncle Mike Visits the Dream Home

Uncle Mike came to visit the Dream Home in June. While he was visiting the Dream Home, Uncle Mike and Aunt Cecilia (who was also visiting) celebrated June birthdays.  June birthdays included Uncle Mike, Aunt Cecilia, Dauda and Hannah.  Aunt Cecilia brought the food and the celebration was enjoyed by all in attendance.  The Dream Home children enjoyed their visit with Uncle Mike.

Aunt Cecilia at the Dream Home

Aunt Cecilia has become one of the Dream Home children’s favorite visitors. They love when she comes to visit. They love playing games and celebrating birthdays with Aunt Cecilia and are always excited about the presents she brings each of them.  Aunt Cecilia has become a regular visitor and has spent the longest time with the Dream Home children.

Dream Home Children Enjoy Summer Camp

The Dream Home children were thrilled to go to summer camp and had a wonderful time.

The children have been motivated by other kids at the camp that were speaking English and they too want to speak good English. They were also inspired to take their academic work seriously.

The Dream Home kids want to extend their profound gratitude to Develop Africa for making the camp a possibility.

A Word About Voluntourism

A series of tweets from the author JK Rowling as well as a number of thoughtful pieces regarding “voluntourism” have been making the rounds on social media as of late (August 2016).

We are here to let you know that The Dream Home has never accepted or do we plan on accepting short-term volunteers without a particular skill that would substantially augment the children’s lives in some way.

Raising Healthy Girls & Boys

The Dream Home children range from 2-17 years old and we had no medical records for any of them or any idea what immunizations they had or what they needed.  

Thanks to your contributions we have been able to start providing the needed immunizations. We have created medical records for each of the 22 children that live in the Dream Home. Having documented accurate medical records will help these children to grow up healthy and strong. 

Your support helped cover some of the costs of tests, doctor fees, travel to appointments and recommended medications.