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Dream Home Visitors & Gifts

February brought visitors and gifts to the Dream Home children.  They each received a shoe box from SENT Ministry. In those boxes were bathing soap, tooth brushes and paste and other items.

Visitors included Aunty Ellen, Cecelia, Pastor Faith and Abdul, who challenged the children on the importance of education as the only sure means to succeed in life. The children received gifts like six half-bags of rice, crayons and other items from these visitors.

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A Day of Fun and Laughter for the Dream Home Kids

On Saturday the 9th of January the kids were blessed with a treat from Edwina and Yvette. This included a lunch treat at Francesca's in Brookfields and a trip to Family Kingdom (Lumley Beach). 22 children, the Matron Mariama and the Supervisor, Victor Freeman, their two children, two volunteers from Door of Hope and Joshua Sandy went on the trip.
The group rode in a yellow school bus – just like the one in the States. They had a wonderful time on the bus.

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Donations from Krio Descendants Union - Houston Chapter

Develop Africa is deeply grateful for the support and partnership of like-minded organizations that are committed to making a difference in Africa.  This support enables us to provide on-going assistance.

In December 2015, Develop Africa received a generous check and 22 school bags (with a wide range of school supplies) from the Krio Descendants Union (KDU), Houston Chapter.  This donation was for the Dream Home, an orphanage for Ebola orphans in Freetown, Sierra Leone.