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Encouraging Good Behavior at The Dream Home

At the Dream Home, we are encouraging and rewarding good behavior. This is one of the steps we are taking in an effort to encourage the kids to be responsible and assist with duties around the home.  

  • Susan Grace was the best behaved person for the month of November.
  • Felicia won the most social person award for the month of November.
  • Fatmata Kellah and Mariatu Kamara were outstanding for the month of October and their room was the tidiest.


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Dream Home Children Say Thank you!

The Dream Home children are all smiles playing soccer from the new soccer supplies that were generously given to them.  They also proudly wore their new uniforms and gladly received school supplies that were given to them from generous donors.  The Dream Home Children participated in Christmas Carol service in their school for the end of term and Christmas Break.  
They are so thankful to everyone who is helping them dream again.

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Dream Home Celebrating Six Months

The month of October was very significant in the lives of the children at the Dream Again Home. The kids have spent six (6) months at the home provided by Develop Africa in partnership with Door of Hope.  We are truly thankful and grateful to everyone who has contributed in diverse ways to care for the children and who have helped make the Dream Home an ongoing reality.

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Dream Home Video

This video introduces you to the Dream Home - an orphanage for Ebola orphans set up in May 2015. The home currently houses 22 kids - who lost both parents to Ebola during the 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

Dream Home Update: A Month of Mixed Blessings

We want to thank God for a month of mixed blessings. The kids started attending the after school lessons and enjoyed their first couple of weeks back in school.

Sunday, September 13th marked one year since Geraldine & Dorcas's mother, Ruth Lamin, passed away from Ebola and everyone in the Dream Home, workers as well as the children came round them showing their support towards them.

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Toys From The Sierra Leonean Community In Reading

The Dream Home Orphanage is a happier place! The children are elated because of the gifts they have received and we are, too!
These toys contribute to more than one can imagine. They enable each child to enjoy the precious season of childhood. To be able to create, to imagine, and to play is desired by every child and these toys will help enable them to maintain their child-like wonder. We are grateful for this heartfelt gift from The Sierra Leonean Community In Reading

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