Photo Albums

Freetown, Sierra Leone experiences very heavy rainfall, between 118 to 169 inches a year. In Freetown, Sierra Leone, because of the torrential rain downpours and volume of rain annually, thousands of kids who do not have rain costs, miss several days to weeks of school each year. As they walk to school under the rain, they become dripping wet. We are addressing this setback to their education by providing rain coats. In the photos, the kids at the Dream Home are happily wearing their new coats.  With raincoats, the kids can stay dry and consistently attend school.
19 children have taken residence so far in Develop Africa's Dream Home – an orphanage for confirmed Ebola orphans. In the photos you can see the prayer time during the dedication and children trying out their new beds etc. We are in the process of helping them settle into school, purchase clothing etc. Please help us do so by making a generous donation here - We have set up a special website for the orphanage where you can find out more about this initiative and read about other ways you can help – . Please join us in whatever way you can.  The...
Photos show renovation work being done on the building for the Develop Africa orphanage - Dream Again Home - January to March 2015