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​Every year the Vickrays Community Primary School organizes a field trip as part of their school program.  This is done with the notion that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” This activity usually takes place after the second term examination each school year.   Last year, there was no field trip due to the restriction imposed by the Government of Sierra Leone because of the Ebola outbreak.  The kids of Dream Again Home attending the school were happy to attend this year’s field trip. Seventeen of the primary school children together with Regina, Dorcas, Haja, Mariama, the matron...
February brought visitors and gifts to the Dream Home children.  They each received a shoe box from SENT Ministry. In those boxes were bathing soap, tooth brushes and paste and other items. Visitors included Aunty Ellen, Cecelia, Pastor Faith and Abdul, who challenged the children on the importance of education as the only sure means to succeed in life. The children received gifts like six half-bags of rice, crayons and other items from these visitors.
Regina is one of 22 Ebola orphans that reside in the Dream Home and she celebrated her 2nd birthday this past week.  We are thankful that Regina is a part of the Dream Home family because she brings such joy to the Home. We wish her many more birthdays.
On Saturday the 9th of January the kids were blessed with a treat from Edwina and Yvette. This included a lunch treat at Francesca's in Brookfields and a trip to Family Kingdom (Lumley Beach). 22 children, the Matron Mariama and the Supervisor, Victor Freeman, their two children, two volunteers from Door of Hope and Joshua Sandy went on the trip. The group rode in a yellow school bus – just like the one in the States. They had a wonderful time on the bus. As Joshua explained: “It was a great experience for the children as it was their first time to have fun at the Peter Penfold playground at...
Christel lives in Canada and was touched to hear that the children in the Dream Home have lost their parents. She made bracelets for them. The kids were delighted to receive them.