Photo Albums

The Kids at the Dream Again Home are often graced by the visit of special guests. Included are photos photos from: visit of Edwina and Fatmata - Visit date: January 3rd 2016. Thanks Edwina and Fatmata for your kindness and gifts to the kids! visit of Reggie and Rhoda - Visit date: January 2nd 2016. Thank you Reggie and Rhoda for your kindness and gifts to the kids! Comments by Edwina Started the year spending time with some Ebola Orphans. (Yes that's me with my hair cut short.) What a wonderful and loving group of Children. When I consider the trauma that these kids have gone through- Thank...
One of the challenges of supporting 22 orphans that reside in the Dream Home is providing nutritious meals. Nutritious meals are crucial for these children to grow up strong and be healthy adults.  With your support we are able to provide healthy snacks and meals to the children in the Dream Home.
We are deeply grateful to Pastors Vidal and Marie Cole for bringing smiles to the kids at the Dream Home, covering the costs of the Christmas party. Thank you for helping the kids to feel special and for making their day amazing! Much, much appreciated!
At the Dream Home, we are encouraging and rewarding good behavior. This is one of the steps we are taking in an effort to encourage the kids to be responsible and assist with duties around the home.   Susan Grace was the best behaved person for the month of November. Felicia won the most social person award for the month of November. Fatmata Kellah and Mariatu Kamara were outstanding for the month of October and their room was the tidiest. The kids were rewarded with first preference to a number of items that we received including the following: soccer balls, towels, backpacks, clothes etc...
The Dream Home children are all smiles playing soccer from the new soccer supplies that were generously given to them.  They also proudly wore their new uniforms and gladly received school supplies that were given to them from generous donors.  The Dream Home Children participated in Christmas Carol service in their school for the end of term and Christmas Break.   They are so thankful to everyone who is helping them dream again.