Poultry Room Preparation

Develop Africa is in the process over the next couple of months to set up a poultry farm to benefit the Dream Home. The facilities had been previously used as a small poultry farm. The landlord decided to go out of business and relocated with his family. You can see from the photos that the room is in excellent condition. With funds you provided we have been able to advance preparations towards launch. We have purchased the needed tools and cleaning supplies such as bleach, a shovel, rake, brooms and brushes etc. With these supplies we have done a thorough cleaning of both the room and the outside yard.  

Sales of eggs from the hens will provide a reliable, on-going income source - to help cover on-going expenses. Also the kids will have a supply of fresh protein - eggs daily. This venture will additionally provide a teaching opportunity for the kids to learn a sense of responsibility. The older kids could get involved in feeding / care of the hens and possibly future management.

Over the next 1-2 months, as funding allows we hope to purchase the remaining items needed such as feeders / drinkers, day-old chicks and commence operations.  We would deeply appreciate your support towards launching this venture.

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Monday, October 3, 2016