Recent news

As we look back over the past 12 months, we are so very thankful for your support. Because you care and you gave, we have touched and impacted thousands of lives together. 
Thank you for your continued support of the Dream Home orphans.   They are each working hard to get good grades in school this year.
Thanks to your support, the Dream Home children now have running water!  The funds from this project helped purchase a water tank, connect the well to the tank and install the solar pump. 
The Dream Home children had a busy July and August with multiple visitors, summer camps, report cards and gifts.  None of this would be possible without the generosity of people like YOU!  
Thanks to your donations we were able to provide a couple of the Dream Home girls with new, custom-tailored outfits.  The girls that received an outfit were each very thankful to you.  
On the 17th of August 2017 fourteen Dream Home Children left the Mellon Street residence to head to Kono for the 5 day Youth for Christ Camp
The children are improving in their academic work. Fanta, Daniel, Susan, Mariatu, and Felicia are doing well in their class in the primary category.
How many times growing up did you hear your parents say,  "Eat your food, it will make you grow up big and strong" or  "You are not leaving the table until you finish all of your food
Thanks to your support we successfully raised $350. Aisha and Mabinty now have reading glasses. 
We greatly appreciate your ongoing support of the Ebola orphans living in the Dream Home. 
Since we launched this project a year ago, we have had lengthy discussions with regard to moving to a new home. We worked with a local realtor and visited at least 3 properties.
The kids at the Dream Home were delighted to receive a new set of furniture and beds.  The items were received in December 2016. This was made possible through the generous support of: 
Most of us think about what we need from the grocery store and what we are making for dinner at night, but we do not have to worry about being able to eat today. 
Thank you for your support that is helping us meet the ongoing medical needs of 22 growing children. 
We send warm greetings to you from the Dream Home children - who are doing well.