Recent news

September marked the start of a new school year for the Dream Home children and thanks to your ongoing support, the children had new uniforms and school supplies.   
Great News: Through your support we have purchased new clothes for the Dream Home children.  
Develop Africa is in the process over the next couple of months to set up a poultry farm to benefit the Dream Home. The facilities had been previously used as a small poultry farm.
Uncle Mike came to visit the Dream Home in June. While he was visiting the Dream Home, Uncle Mike and Aunt Cecilia (who was also visiting) celebrated June birthdays.
Aunt Cecilia has become one of the Dream Home children’s favorite visitors. They love when she comes to visit.
The Dream Home was delighted to have 29 visitors join them for 3 days of vacation bible school.  The visitors were from Royal Servants youth group.
The children were excited to visit with the head of Develop Africa, Sylvester Renner in July. 
The Dream Home children were thrilled to go to summer camp and had a wonderful time.
A series of tweets from the author JK Rowling as well as a number of thoughtful pieces regarding “voluntourism” have been making the rounds on social media as of late (August 2016).
The Dream Home children range from 2-17 years old and we had no medical records for any of them or any idea what immunizations they had or what they needed.  
On June 16, 2016, the kids were excitedly dressed in their African attire donated to them by workers and volunteers of Dream Home.
April was a month full of birthday celebrations and a birthday party for Geraldine, Dorcas & Aaron.
One of the favorite breakfast meals at the Dream Home is bread with a delicious mix of sardines and spaghetti. The kids wash this down with a hot cup of Lipton (or similar) tea.
A celebration was held to celebrate the Dream Home being open for one year.  It was a time to thank God, good neighbors, donors and workers for a year of dreaming again.
​Every year the Vickrays Community Primary School organizes a field trip as part of their school program.  This is done with the notion that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” This acti