Refocusing To Enhancing The Current Home

Since we launched this project a year ago, we have had lengthy discussions with regard to moving to a new home. We worked with a local realtor and visited at least 3 properties. We have also re-evaluated the current home in terms of the benefits that it provides.  

At the current home, the children are well integrated into the community. The community is providing a supporting social structure.  We determined that by moving them from the current home, we would be uprooting them from an environment that is sympathetic and encouraging. The community is playing an important role in terms of providing care and a sense of belonging.

With these factors in mind and given that we have not been able to raise the needed funds, we have decided to phase out this project. For the immediate future, we are focusing instead on improving facilities at the current home. 

Through other microprojects, we raised some of the funds needed to install the water tank. We realized that we needed to bring in a solar expert to get fully test the pump. This test was necessary to help confirm the feasibility of the proposed water tank install location. Your donations so far this year - $200 - helped to cover the cost of this feasibility test. This test took place on Saturday, March 18 and the pump successfully delivered water to the proposed tank location. This ideal location is around 100 feet away from the well.  You can see photos of this test here.

With this test completed, we hope to receive a visual drawing and updated estimate for the construction of the tank platform in the next week. We hope to start construction in the next month.
In the next week or so, we will be phasing out this project. For future updates and more information about the Dream Home, we invite you to sign up for notifications at the Main Dream Home Project.  Thanks again for your support and involvement.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017