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At the end of July, Sylvester made a 2 week project visit to Sierra Leone.  The Dream Home was one of the top reasons for his trip. 

He reports on his trip as follows:

"The trip provided me with the opportunity to observe, learn, interact and evaluate. I spent quality time with the Dream Home kids as a group and also on a one-to-one basis. I interacted with each of the kids individually. I wanted to understand their fears and dreams.  I wanted to learn more about the challenges that they are facing. I wanted to see what they are experiencing at the home.

I saw great potential in each of the kids.  I saw them as leaders in the future, people who would tell their story of how they came up out of nothing. Given the right opportunities, the sky is their limit.

I was also able to personally examine the Dream Home building and facilities with a critical eye. Thefacilities are not ideal and the property is not fenced. There is no central dining room / family room and the bedrooms are cramped / small. There is a definite need to move to a better and moreconducive house.

I visited 2 available houses that we could lease. One of the homes that I visited is located at Juba Hill - and we provided photos in a previous report.  New photos that I took are available here.  This house is ideally located and has 6 large bedrooms, a spacious living room and additional housing options for the Home Director / Matron.  This would be a great new home for the orphanage.

There are 3 key considerations that we discussed while I was there:

1.  The cost of the Juba house lease is $12,000 annually. This new home would probably also require additional expenses on utilities, staffing etc.

2.  We would have to find new schools for the kids - as this new home is several miles away from current schools and in a different neighborhood / division.  Moving the kids in the middle of the calendar year would necessitate added planning to ensure the kids re-settle well into new schools.

3.  We would need to secure a bus to facilitate transportation to and from school.

These considerations are all achievable - with your support. Together we can do so much more."

We are continuing to explore options to secure the needed funds. Should you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016