visionThe name Dream Home - comes from a vision to provide an environment where the orphans can Dream Again.  It is a place where old dreams will be rekindlednew dreams will be birthed, where children will be taught that anything is possible, that the sky is the limit, that they can do and be anything etc.  Imagine growing up in such an environment. Imagine being a part of this.  

  • We fervently believe that children are our future.  
  • We believe that we can shape the future of our cities, nations and the world by how we raise our children.  
  • We believe that all children have potential that is ready to be unlocked and developed.  
  • We believe that given the right environment and opportunities, children can grow up and fulfill their potential.
  • We dare to believe that in this home, we can raise people who will change nations and the world.  

 The Future is Now Join us as we impact these lives together.  Let's "defend the cause of the fatherless" together (Isaiah 1:17).


Short Term - December 2015 to end 2016

  • Raise support to ensure we can provide financial stability and on-going care for the orphans. As of November 2015, the current budget is around $3,000 monthly.
  • Establish a solar-powered running water system
  • Ensure each child is well adjusted and growing up balanced and secure in all areas.
  • Take each child for a complete medical physical checkup.  (Annually)
  • Purchase a set of clothes for each child (Annually / as needed)
  • Evaluate each child relative to what they should know at their respective age / development and provide counseling / training as needed.
  • Repaint the building and make necessary structural improvements.  (Annually / as needed)
  • Secure a college scholarship: One of the girls (Geraldine) will be of college age in the next 1 year or so.  We need to secure funding / a scholarship to send her to college.  This also applies to the other children as they grow older
  • Purchase 4 fridges and 2 freezers.  Solar powered if possible.
  • Establish an endowment that will be invested to provide on-going financial support
  • Provide an eReader for each child over 8 years old and a laptop for each child over 14 years
  • Provide on-going professional counseling for each child
  • Establish security lightning around the building.


5 Year Vision - 2020

  • Housing: Purchase land and build a new, more appropriate structure.
  • Secure college scholarships as needed.
  • Purchase a motorcycle for the Center Director
  • Purchase a minivan for the orphanage - to be used for general transportation needs.
  • Setup a playground with swings and slides etc.
  • Professionally record an album of songs by the kids.
  • Record a professional video documentary.
  • Consider how this orphanage can help raise awareness of orphans globally
  • Consider establishing other orphanages