Visit to the Dream Home By Sylvester & Dream Home Children Start a New School Year

September marked the start of a new school year for the Dream Home children and thanks to your ongoing support, the children had new uniforms and school supplies.   

At the end of July, Sylvester made a surprise, 2 week project visit to Sierra Leone.  The Dream Home was one of the top reasons for his trip. He reports on his trip as follows:

"The kids were very appreciative fo the support that you have provided towards their on-going needs.  They asked me to convey their deep appreciation and gratitude to YOU. Included in this report is the photo that we took together.

The trip provided me with the opportunity to observe, learn, interact and evaluate. I spent quality time with the kids as a group and also on a one-to-one basis. I interacted with each of the kids individually. I wanted to understand their fears and dreams.  I wanted to learn more about the challenges that they are facing. I wanted to see what they are experiencing at the home.

The kids were happy and played as normal kids.  We sang several songs and had fun together.  

I saw great potential in each of them.  I saw them as leaders in the future, people who would tell their story of how they came up out of nothing. Given the right opportunities, the sky is their limit.

Being there in person also enabled me to examine the facilities with a critical eye, evaluate the level of service provided etc. I visited 2 possible other available houses that we could move into and investigated schooling opportunities.

I spent time with each of the staff - learning more about them, their backgrounds and the challenges that they face in carrying out their duties.  

I came back with a new challenge and eager for us to do so much more for these kids.  Here are some of the key observations that remain fresh on my mind as I reflect back on my trip:

The kids were in good health and appeared well taken care of.
The home sits up on a hill in Wellington and there is an urgent need for us to secure a bus to facilitate transportation of the kids.
2 of the kids need prescription glasses
There is still a desperate need for us to install running water.  The current need is for us to build 2 structures to raise and support the water tanks that will hold water from the well - fed by a solar pump.
Several of the kids need additional lessons / coaching to strengthen their educational foundation.

These opportunities are all achievable - with your support. Together we can do so much more." 

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Monday, October 24, 2016