A Word About Voluntourism

A series of tweets from the author JK Rowling as well as a number of thoughtful pieces regarding “voluntourism” have been making the rounds on social media as of late (August 2016).

We are here to let you know that The Dream Home has never accepted or do we plan on accepting short-term volunteers without a particular skill that would substantially augment the children’s lives in some way.

While we gladly and graciously accept material and other assistance, we are well aware of the children’s psychological needs and understand that having repeated cycles of short-term volunteers could be deleterious for their ability to make emotional attachments now and in the future. Orphanage staff is and has been consistently and predictably present as are locals interested in their well-being.

Thoughts of concern – enunciated and otherwise are very much appreciated. We look forward to your collaboration now and in the future.

The Dream Home Board

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